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Helping You Find Sarasota’s Best Homes!

Full-time Realtor Jill Berg, and Realtor husband/marketing manager, Mart Solu have been active in the Sarasota real estate market for over a decade, specializing in residential real estate, both resales, and new construction.  The duo works together in support of homeowners looking to sell their current property and help them find their next home, perhaps one that better fits their current lifestyle, as well as helping new residents Find Sarasota’s Best Homes.

While Jill focuses on the direct contact with buyers and sellers, Mart supports her from the marketing side of the business, keeping abreast of all new construction, new listings, and recent sales figures for to help you Find Sarasota’s Best Homes.

Collectively, Jill and Mart share a passion for staging properties and were uniquely honored when a client asked them to personally oversee the renovations of a $5 million dollar home on Casey Key that Jill will be listing later in 2017.  “That’s an incredible amount of trust to give anyone,” Jill explains.  “After establishing a budget, the homeowner virtually handed over all the decision-making to us.  We arranged a pre-inspection of the property prior to taking on the project, and then oversaw any noted repairs, like minor plumbing and appliance replacement.  We were tasked with choosing the paint colors, we helped interview and select the General Contractor, the landscapers, the interior subcontractors, the pool finishes and various design choices. . . so much is riding on us!  We’re so honored and humbled by the homeowner’s trust in us, and having lived on the property during much of the process, we’ve learned so much about this unique and truly amazing home!  This is easily one of Sarasota’s Best Homes!  ”

And they don’t focus only on multi-million dollar homes!  “Some of our favorite clients have been first-time home buyers and relocation clients,” Jill explains. “They need more hand-holding in the beginning, which has lead to long-lasting friendships.  We help clients navigate the local market, find financing, learn the ins and outs of the condo and country club markets, and make sure they know their rights as a buyer in Florida. We have an established network of loan officers, home inspectors, appraisers, and other service people we can refer them to, with the goal being a smooth, stress-free closing.  I love attending a closing and hearing a client ask “Is that it?  Are we done?”  It’s always a thrill to witness the transfer of keys to a new homeowner!”

Having lived in various areas around Sarasota, Jill and Mart are devoted to this acclaimed piece of tropical paradise.  They are active in the community, both as licensed Realtors and community influencers.  In addition to their real estate careers, Jill and Mart host the SarasotaFoodies.com food blog, an award-winning website where they share comments and photos on hundreds of locally owned restaurants.   “SarasotaFoodies helps newcomers and even local residents moving from one part of town to another, find great places to eat, restaurants where they can entertain friends, make new ones and thoroughly enjoy the Sarasota lifestyle,” said Mart. “SarasotaFoodies is a continuation our goals in real estate. . . treat people well, make them feel welcome and happy.  At the end of the day, it’s one thing to find a house you’ll love coming home to, it’s quite another to find it in a neighborhood you’ll love living in as well! Local amenities, like restaurants, help create that hometown feeling.”  Talk about going the extra mile!