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Sarasota Foodies

One of the best ways you can learn about the Sarasota lifestyle is dining at one of our locally owned restaurants. The Berg Solu Team suggests that out-of-town buyers save the chain restaurants for another day and really get to know the flavors of Sarasota by visiting one of the establishments featured on our food blog www.SarasotaFoodies.com. This award-winning food blog was designed with you, our clients, in mind! So while you’re looking to find Sarasota’s Best Homes,  check out the website and join us as we celebrate Sarasota, one meal at a time!  There are hundreds of restaurants profiled, with photos to make your mouth water!

SarasotaFoodies.com was awarded one of the top 9 food blogs in the entire state of Florida by FlipKey, a subsidiary of Trip Advisor!