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Downtown Sarasota

Nowhere in the market has there been a greater renaissance in new construction than downtown Sarasota.   Over the past few years, there has been a host of new condos, luxury hotels, apartment buildings and parking garages underway, smack dab in the heart of the city.

1Downtown parking garage in April

Most of the condos, both new and older, line the bayfront, hugging Gulfstream Avenue, overlooking Sarasota’s Island Park.  From these high rise properties, homeowners can watch the boats sailing in and out of Marina Jack’s, as well as enjoy one of the most dramatic fireworks displays every New Year’s Eve and Independence Day.  Leave your car in the parking garage and slip down to Main Street and the arteries off of it for the dining venue of your choice.  There are numerous culinary cultures to enjoy, whether you’re in the mood for Italian, sushi, Vietnamese or Indian cuisine, or maybe just a burger.  Many of the restaurants offer front patio dining, with people watching being a favorite pastime.

Just a few blocks off the downtown core, you’ll find a charming area of historical and new single family homes that span east towards US 301.  There are a variety of architectural styles, from Key West cottages to Mediterranean villas, to salt box historical homes and new, modern construction.   Some of the lots are no doubt more valuable than the home that sits there, but those people who are fortunate to live downtown rarely want to be anywhere else.   There’s just so much to see and do.

2 Sarasota Foodies 152

Every Saturday you’ll enjoy a stroll through the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, which closes down three blocks of Lemon Avenue and State Street.  You’ll find pretty much anything you need to fill your pantry, from craft olive oils and cheeses, to teas, spices and fresh vegetables.   If you can’t find it at the Farmer’s Market, you’re only a few steps from Whole Foods.  Fill up your shopping bags and head on home.  You’ve gotten your exercise in, without even noticing it.

3 Farmers Market 23

Downtown Sarasota hosts a number of events every year, including a number of arts festivals, parades and festivals.  Weekend events as diverse as Thunder on the Bay – a motorcycle festival that raises money for Suncoast Charities for Children – and the Harvey Milk Festival take place along Main Street, spilling out onto Bayfront Park.  There have even been two occasions where world renowned tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda, walked from one high rise building to another.  Where else does that happen?

4 Wallenda walk 1 29 2013 002

If you want the charm of a small city, with the amenities of a large metropolis, look no further than downtown Sarasota, here the Sarasota Ballet, Sarasota Opera, Sarasota Orchestra and a host of small live theater venues offer world-class cultural arts every year.  Dinner and a show mean something special in downtown Sarasota!

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